Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cairo 090702-090705


in front of the museum

Sab's & Dino's 21st

i totally forgotten that i owe the readers about my trip to Cairo which was nearly a month ago. deepest apology from me. it was a blast trip. left the house after maghrib and we reached Cairo around 1am. after we checked in, we headed to KFC to have our dinner. i was so hungry coz i didn't eat anything that day. then we went back to arma and have our sleep. the next morning, woke up around 9am coz the guys were already at Arma. we went to City Star to check the Transformers screening but they don't have it there. only 1 word to say - PATHETIC!!! then we headed to Genena Mall. fortunately, the movie was there. we took the earliest screening - 3.30pm. stayed there for a while to bowl and played few games there. we even celebrated my belated and Dino's advanced birthday. thanks guys!!! later, we went back to arma and had our dinner at the Bangkok restaurant. it was so yummy that i'm still thinking about it right now. after the dinner, we went to our room to settle some stuff and we went out again to Hussein. malam masih muda. so enjoy it while you still can. Hussein was packed with people. thank god we decided to go at night instead of going in the morning under the hot blazing sun. had my hand for henna and it lasted less than a week. got back home in the middle of the night and had my sleep after my shower. the next morning, we went to pyramid. felt so excited to go there after watching transformers. those who haven't watched it, please do so. all of us have been there except for Kak Nani. so stayed for few hours and guess what? we walked around there and god knows how many km we walked. later had our lunch at KFC. met Malaysian tourists there. semangat giler ok! then we went to museum which was a total blah for me. i'm so not a museum person. to my future boyfie@husband, don't take me to the museum for our date pretty please. it was so boring there and guess what? we have to pay again to see the mummies inside. let me clarify this. it was the most stupid thing that i've ever heard of. ain't it enough that we have to pay 60le(well, 30le for us coz we got the student id) to go inside. now you're asking us to pay another 100le(60 le for those with student id) in the museum to see the mummies. hell no! because we knew the inside would be so boring. let the museum itself be. after that we went to City Star again to have our dinner. then i just realized that i had my red flag day. it was all over my jeans. straight away went to toilet and waited Aten to buy that thing for nearly half an hour. so we decided to go back to Mansoura later that night. tiring but i had to. we got back to arma, packed our stuffs and took peugeot to get back to Mansoura. reached home early in the morning and straight away went to bed without cleaning myself. i know!!! gross right? hahaha

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