Sunday, July 12, 2009


bobo left the house already a day before and now it's down to me, Kak Nani and Aten. sad that she's gone but i guess it's for the best right? i'm sure there's blessing in disguise. so we helped her moved out that night and she treated us with dinner at slamlek. the food was damn salty for me. from now on, each of us will be having our own room but we still haven't packed our stuff yet. god knows when it's gonna happen. fyi, there's no net at my place for a week and hopefully it'll be ok after this. i've told Baba since the first day it's gone but he kept on delaying contacting the company. panas je!!! wanted to call Mama but the evoiz is like shitty too. my post recently have lots of curse. hahaha. nak wat mcm mana? tgh pnas gler2 ni

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