Thursday, July 30, 2009

i need H2O

woke up this morning unknowing that there won't be any water till now. Kak Nani was the lucky one who got the chance to take her bath. i went to gamaah without taking a bath. sab busuk!!! sprayed lots of perfume. hahaha. thought that there's water when i got back home but there isn't. i still haven't taken my bath till now. just washed my teeth and face using mineral water this morning. thought of going out to Nusan to have dinner but i guess i gotta cancel it. let's just have delivery ok my dear housemates


NaNi said...

sab..pecah rahsie dah tuuu. penat2 je tlg simpan kan rahsie. hahahaha!! (psl tak mandi pegi gamaah)

Sabrina Halim said...

oops! trlupa plak blog kita ni smkn rmi reader esp geng2 kita gak kan? hbs la kena perli pasni. kekeke