Friday, July 31, 2009

i just wanna...

i feel like a loser today. woke up early in the morning. headed for my laptop but there's no net. watched few videos and felt sleepy. went back to bed and woke up during zohor. waited for the net while watching hindi movie but nothing happened. it's been few days since the last chat that we had. i miss him. ottoke??? had my dinner after maghrib and chit chat chut with Kak Nani till azan isya'. wanted to study but the movies are just too tempting. right now, my mind is in Malaysia. dear god, just let all this dhur thingy to be over soon. i felt so bored that i called Din and asked him out. the 8 of us went out except for Nash. played pool at the usual spot - Black Wind till 1am and later headed to Pizza Party. had our supper and chit chat chut till 3am. right now, i'm at home waiting for azan subuh

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