Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ada apa dengan Alex?

dinner at Tarboush

already gone butterflies

family portrait

King Farouq's palace

i just got back from alex a few days ago. the main reason was to watch harry potter which btw wasn't thrilling at all. fortunately the trip was a blast. thanks to fakhry's friend Aida for taking us around Alex. i think next time we can sleep there instead of having a one day journey which obviously wasn't enough to explore the whole Alex. so we left our house around 6am and reached there at 9am. we went to Green Plaza and turned out it opens at 12pm. so we went to mumtazar that's literally huge. sure it was a lucky day for the cab driver because instead of getting 30le, he got 80le. hahaha. took some pic there and had our breakfast that aten and i cooked at 1am. after that, we went to San Stefano to watch Harry Potter but turned out San Stefano was just as lame as City Star. so we headed back to Green Plaza and finally, there's hope on Harry Potter. so we have to wait till 3pm to buy the ticket and it's only 1pm. so we went to bowl and i sucked. usually i'm good at it but turned out to be my bad day i guess. so after we had our prayers, we went to the cinema and boy i was so tired that i almost fell asleep during the movie. i would give 3 out of 5 for this movie. less actions and spells but the romance are developing between them. after the movie, we had out dinner at Tarboush and it was a treat form Aida. thanks babe! then we sent Aida back home and we continued with our shopping. well the girls didn't buy anything eventually. we were just waiting for the boys and they definitely shopped till they drop. finally we reached home around 1am.


ramesh said...

best nyer dpt jalan2..hehe..one of ur fren tu i cm penah tgk..guy yg pki long sleeve..strike shirt..

Sabrina Halim said...

dia dok jhor. matrix kt um. u jmp ktne?