Thursday, December 31, 2009

oh yeah!

selamat malam egypt dan selamat pagi malaysia

yesterday didn't have internet for the whole day cause baba took the router and experimenting with it. konon wanted to increase the speed but habuk pun tarak! it's final. i'm stopping baba's net and i'm taking the broadband. so sick talking bout the net. in most of my entries, i keep complaining bout the net. it shows how fucking stupid the net here

so tomorrow i got sheet for physio and yet here i am blogging when i'm actually haven't read a single thing. ii'll study after i finish blogging yeah!

the day before yesterday, i didn't go to class cause i sent fakhry to the airport. miss him so much. thanks for the days that we had here. be good and study well k! hope we'll meet again sometimes in malaysia.

after we sent fakhry, i thought we're going home but abg fadh n kak dd wanted to go to asyir to get some stuff from their friend's house. so we went there, indonesian's house actually. we had our lunch there and the food there seriously so yummy thanks to icha. there were like 3 indonesian boys and a girl. seriously the guys are damn cute. haha. they talked indonesian which btw i couldn't understand a thing. when kak dd talked indonesian, seriously sounds like pure indonesian. i was like so blur and they kept laughing at me. haha

after i got back from asyir, there was food from alia. they passed it to ulfah. and guess what it was? nasi impit and kuah kacang. sumpah sedap gler ok! i've been craving for it since i got here. wanted to cook the kuah kacang but very lazy to buy the nuts. i'm so gonna cook kuah kacang after this cause there's lots of nasi impit here now that i'm cooking just for myself. hihi

after i got back from lab at 4, i wanted to draw some money for the ticket but lazy. so i just went back home. guess i'm going tomorrow then. suddenly craving for chipsy. wanted to buy it but no money. so i went back home. when i entered the house, roah was about to leave the house. then i asked her to buy it for me. i had my chipsy and i felt so relieved after eating it. it's like i'm addicted to it. no wonder i'm gaining weight.

so roah's friend is moving with us now. an egyptian! pure one. herm... hopefully it won't be a disaster. as you people might not know, egyptians are not that hygienic. like roah said - their house are like disaster. no wonder she wants to be with malaysian. surprised when she first mentioned to me that she didn't wanna live with egyptian. now that i'm staying with roah, i can finally practice my english skill as i haven't used it for such a along time.

and uh-oh btw, wish me luck for tomorrow ya people. gonna need all the luck in the world to score for this paper. hihi. last but not least, salam peluk cium from me to knani and aten. i miz u guys mucho...

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