Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's gona be solo tonight

herm... so today i didn't go to the ceramah motivasi thingy cause i'm very the lazy to move my big fat ass. so i slept after i had my zohor prayer till asar. woke up. watching house till right now. stop for a while to blog. this thrusday there'll be sleepover party at my house. thought of going to paah, al n tya's earlier but they wanted to sleep at my place. going to cook for them. maybe i'll cook laksa @ maybe we'll just have a takeaway from pizza king. haha. planning on making buah melaka

me: i nk dtg rmh u ni. kt wat buah melaka n tngk muvie smpi muntah

alia: ok. wat kt rmh u la. besar cket. ckup msuk 4 org. dpur ktorg ni bntot pn x lpas. haha

me: i xksah. don mind ke tdo sni?

paah: i ok je

me: korang bwk tpung n kelapa k!

alia: rmh ktorg xde gula melaka. gula putih blh?

paah: gula diet sudah alia. bru muat bntot msuk dapo

me: ya ampun. mcmn nk kawen. mn de org bt buah mlka guna gula putih. i de gula melaka

i laughed my ass off. haha. couldn't believe that someone who cooks very well can think of using the white sugar for the buah melaka

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