Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i got a new housemate now. hehehe. kinda weird having her cause i've been staying all by myself for like alomost 3 weeks. btw, she's not a malaysian k! she's sudanese but staying in saudi. so far so good. hopefully, i won't be facing with another problem in the future insyaAllah. to all my malaysian peeps... do pray for me here yah! love you guys lot. can't wait to meet you guys in malaysia.

i woke up very late today. around 11am and i slept the night before around 11pm. 12 hours of sleep. i don't know why but i think the dreams i had made me sleep till noon. hahaha. so i had my shower and i cooked mee hoon tom yam for my lunch and pisang goreng as my dessert. yum yum. people may thought that i'm losing weight cause i won't be cooking but boy were they wrong. i cook everyday ok! can't believe it either. hahaha. btw, ulfah came to my house cause sabby was out of town. so we lepak till nearly maghrib not knowing that sabby was already at home. so we went back to ulfah's and i helped her cook. we cooked steak and god i swear it taste way better than slamlek. thanks to them. hehehe

earlier, i received a text from mummy. surprise surprise she wants to come and visit me but it is all still under planning. it's kinda hard for her to leave her job like that so only god knows whether she's coming or not. hopefully it's a total yes. hihi


CICIPUNG said...

wah..dh de housemate baru ye cik u stay je la eh kt rumah tue.
best x dorang ?

Sabrina Halim said...

sorg je orgnye. hehe. bese2 je. she's a clean freak. scary kot. pasni kt gossip la eh. jgn mlu segan dtg rmh. hihi