Monday, December 7, 2009

still thinking

mummy said yes to the new laptop. yippie!!!

me: ma, u wanna buy a new lptop right? can't u just take mine and i'll buy a new 1?

mama: ok. have 2 buy 4 lee 2

me: alright. kekeke

can't believe mama would agree with that. i'm not mengada ok! mine is like heavy and i need a lighter 1 so that it'll be easier for me to travel. mama just need sumthing that can be used. not that sophisticated 1. so instead, i'll just get the new 1 and mama just take mine. it's kinda like a win win situation. fyi, mama's and lee's laptop have been stolen from our house. so they need to buy a new one. still haven't gotten a new handphone for myself. luckily it's gonna be from daddy cause if it's from mama, she's gonna be so broke cause of me. sorry ma!!!


NaNi said...

kate tanak hp baru =p

Sabrina Halim said...

mmg xnk tp in d future mn kt tau kan. huhu