Tuesday, December 15, 2009

counting the days

my family is going to indon tomorrow with my grandparents and uncle mike. have a safe journey to all of you. a week without mama's text. gonna miss it. i'm off to cairo tomorrow. settling my result's translation. have to get a bubble jacket soon. and by mean really really soon. sabby is so pokkai right now. bought sweater and wedges the other night and now i'm poor. dino, come back soon. i asked my mum to pass lots of stuff from malaysia to him. thanks dino! can't wait to see you

i skipped my anat class this morning. just in time for the kakak angkat-adik angkat program and i don't know what's the motif of this thing. when i reached the lecture hall, it's already full. felt like making a big entrance just now. hahaha.

me: u g x program kkak-adik angkat tu?

alia: i x sngup diadik angkat oleh kkak angkt yg bkn semak dgn i

me: u ni mmg sengal la. hahaha


NaNi said...

perghh siap ade prog adik angkat..kak sab suke la pegi prog cmtu kn. kahkah!!

Sabrina Halim said...

haha. xd emknanye. sy la adik angkatnye