Monday, December 28, 2009

caffeine everyday

the current performance from super junior in mubank? mucore? inki? forgotten already. either 1 la. there were 9 people only. from 13 down to 9. how sad. T_T. hope they'll find a solution soon. same goes to dbsk

last thursday, paah, al n tya came to my house. i cooked laksa for them. not that bad la but still not so mak-mak style of cooking. gotta improve my cooking skill. how memalukan when your mum owns a restaurant but you don't know how to cook. malu ok! everyone expects me to be such a good cooker. like my daddy said : hujan petir berdentum klu sab mmasak. hahaha. ok2. cut the crap. the next morning, we made buah melaka. god knows how big we made because we wanted to finish the flour a.s.a.p. not that we are rushing or anything but just cause. ngee... for dinner, i had sultanah. very the lazy to cook again. thanks to al n tya for the delivery. f.o.c ok! haha

on saturday i didn't go to lab cause i woke up so.... late. when i came, there wasn't supposed to be any classes but boy i was wrong. again i made the big entrance. the class was like so full i had to squeeze in. okay! i'm exaggerating la kan. not so full la but almost to the last row. big achievement ok for our batch! suddenly those who never came to class before were present. surprise2! i guess the way este tackle it is so cool! all of us received a ym from her few days back : sesape yg tidak hadir ke klas sila email reason kpd sy @ wkil sbject. ym x dlyan. how scary is that? haha. me? i always come to lecture. never ponteng ok! cewah

yesterday i cooked mee hoon soup for dinner + breakfast for this morning. right now, i'm still waiting for the rice to be cooked and i had finished cooking ayam masak lemak cili api. ok2. gtg now! the food is calling my name rigt now. till then. toddles!

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