Friday, December 11, 2009

bo peep bo peep

so these few days got no internet connection. konon pki satellit and stabil. cet! so typical egyptian. when i wanna change to line, baba wants to cancel the etisalat and all of us have to use the line. saje je tau baba ni! lantak p la. x kuasa mak nak layan. so yesterday i text-ed daddy bout the winter plan

me: bah, jd ke dtg ni?

daddy: tahla. abah xinterested sngt. mama je yg eager

i didn't reply his text cause i was mad. haha. not that mad mad but just a a bit down. i wanted to see them but i'll meet them again next year anyhow but i know mama really needs a vacation right now. the stress from the work, kids. even watching it makes you feel stressed. no wonder lots of people using drugs these days. but it's a total no no ya kids! cheh! i'm only 21 but acting like 31. i'm still a kid myself. konon! hahaha

lee's going to her driving school this saturday with my uncle. welcome to the driving club adik. my uncle owns a drving school so it's half the price for us. hahaha. how cool is that? seriously i save a lot here. not me la. my mum actually. it's her money kan. herm... so she just finished her spm. right after spm, lepak AEON and she even called atok to pick her up. i think she's the only one yang berani sruh atok fetch her from anywhere. even me myself pun still takut2. hahaha.

btw, happy 8th birthday to ed. you're a big girl right now. still remember how i used to clean her when she defecate@urinate. i even bathed her ok! definitely a good sis. feels like wanting a new baby from my mum

me: ma, ed da bsar la. rsa nk adik plak

mama: nak beranak la sndr

me: cet! men2 plak mama ni

mama: hahaha

so i already got 3 yesses including me myself. still needs a yes from this one friend of mine. time is running out peeps... palli and make up your mind. got mid-term from 28th jan till 4th feb. after that, it's winter holiday bebeh! i still haven't bought any new jacket for this winter. wanted to go to port said but couldn't find the rigt timing cause i got class from saturday till thursday. then only day i'm free is friday. T_T. anyhow, let's hope all my plans will work out ameen...

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