Monday, December 14, 2009

makan orange sampai muntah

i woke up this morning and washed my sheets. when i went out to check the machine, the water was all over the place. seriously banjir i tell you. why egyptians always make a house that doesn't have border between the toilet floor and the floor outside the toilet. if i take a bath, it's always gonna be banjir outside. then i have to mop evrything back. seriously troublesome ok! that's why i don't wanna put my shoes rack besides the toilet but mama insists. see3x! hbs basah sume kotak kasut. hish!

btw, bobo came by to my place the day before yesterday. she just wanted to visit me. then we went out to nil. when we came back, it's already 12 so she just slept at my house. when i woke up yesterday to get ready for class, bobo's still sleeping cause she's not feeling well. so after i got back, she's still at home watching movies. i cooked her dinner and she went back home after maghrib feeling sick. poor you bobo. get well soon!

text-ed mama as part of my daily routine. turned out she's on the way to cameron. just imagine after she got back from work at 8pm on saturday, my family straight away hit the road to cameron. and they got back home around 6 the next day. serious rjin gler.

me: rjin mama g. sab ad pun x g hols mn2

mama: tkut "X" kck hti klu x g

me: herm... yela

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