Friday, January 2, 2009


Tyra Banks

Taylor Lautner

Robert Pattinson

so i was watching the tyra banks show today. don't know the exact date of the series but there were robert pattinson and taylor lautner from twilight. too bad i still haven't watched the movie yet. hukhukhuk. why there is no cinema here in mansoura. but look on the bright side. at least i won't spend my cash on unnecessary things like i did during my matrix year. ya ampun! god knows how much i spent during those days. kekeke. as you guys know, robert pattinson was in one of the harry potter film which is the goblet of fire and taylor lautner was from cheaper by the dozen 2. you know the guy that always hang out at the river. yeah! the small cute guy is no longer a cute one. he's 16 now but gosh! just look at his body. so yummy. tyra thought he's around 20's. hahaha. as you know. tyra always do some crazy stuff on her show so guess what she did this time around? she actually asked robert to bite her on the neck and he actually did that. haha. and i just knew that she actually used to act as a stripper in one of the episode. how daring is that!

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