Monday, January 5, 2009

happy welcome back to school

school has started now. lazy3. fortunately i don't have to go to school anymore. ergh! i hate school. have to wake up early in the morning. some more the schedule is pack from morning till night. morning, you have to go to school, afternoon, you have extra curricular and later at night you have tuition. then you have to finish your homework till late at night. that's why all the teachers don't like the student to go to tuition. like my BM teacher said "tula. sape suruh kamu pergi tuition. cikgu yang ada kat sekolah ni pun dah cukup untuk kamu. kami ni semua berbayar jugak macam cikgu tuition kamu. kan parents kamu semua bayar tax". so we were like stay still and didn't say a word because we feel so guilty. i don't like tuition either but my parents insist me on going to tuition. beranila lawan cakap diorang. my sis, lee is the only one that brave enough to say no to tuition. hahaha. to lee, struggle for your spm k! to khal, happy turning to teenager this year. he's now officially the 1st year junior high school student (form 1). you don't know how mad mama was when she knew that dhuha will be in the same school as you. hahaha. so don't ever think of playing around only k! must study really3 hard. to qistinna, you are the same with khal now. so you can always meet with kak lee because you guys are in the same school. wah.. happy3. i love it when i have the sibling@cousin in the same school. can hang out together all the time. to ad, happy continuing your primary school. still got 5 years to go before you enter the new chapter of your life ie junior high school


nadyra aiza said...

haha.. lucky kte da kat U kn sab..
g kls pon leh susun jdual ikut ske..
wakaka :)

but i do miz school days.. kdg2 jela.. tp miz gossipg je..hehe

sabrina halim said...

haiz. taula xpe. de je yg best cuma bl fkrkan rutin sume 2 kan, kagum wit myself la how i can survive 4 several years