Tuesday, January 20, 2009

to go or not to go?

so after my physio paper, zura, aten and i went to toiron to check the ticket price coz zura ngada tol nak balik malaysia during the winter break. hahaha. and the holiday is like 2 weeks je. so while zura confirming her ticket with this lady that's so nice and i like her so much, suddenly i thought of asking about the price to go to london. yesterday i was chatting with stuart. so he asked me about egypt etc because he's coming here with his peeps aroung jun. then he told me to come to uk because the currency is quite low at the moment. i'm not that eager to go to uk cause i've been to uk before. as i told u guys on my previous post, i thought of going to paris but stuart told me that now that the GBP is getting low, the euro is rising. so guess i have to postpone it at the moment. going to uk is not such a bad idea actually as i have lots of friends there. so i asked the nice lady about the ticket while zura was talking to fattah and the price is 2100 EGP = RM1300. so i was like so happy that i texted my mum later

me: ma, uk return rm1300. btter go 2 uk now. smemre d crrency s lke so low

mamito: ha. just go la. i'll bank in d money

me: u serious? i was just joking la. let me think 1st. never tot that u would agree

mamito: but u can't come back 2 msia la ths yr

me: cheh. no way! i need 2 cme bck home. myb nxt tme kot

mamito: ok then

frankly speaking, though i go to uk, i still think that mama will let me come back home. why you asked me? cause nenek told me to go back so of course la i have to go back right? kekeke. so my conclusion is? don't know yet actually. right now, i just wanna go to bed cause i just had 2 hours of sleep. till then.. daa.

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