Thursday, January 8, 2009

i want raya~~

not raya haji but raya aidilfitri. my favourite hols of all. i like raya since forever. can't believe? ask all my friends especially pu3. haha. you'll know how obsess i am with raya. the day that i like the most is raya's eve. cepatla raya! can't hardly wait for it. i don't mind not having the baju raya etc as long as i can have raya. huhuhu. but i think shoes kena ada la. i'm so crazy about shoes. btw, i had macaroni cooked by nani onni for brunch and dinner i guess because don't know whether bobo will cook or not. i wanted to cook but still there's a lot of leftover so i guess it's a macaroni day. hahaha. the nicest part is that onni cooked puding. so yum yum. the fridge is like a freezer so sakitla gigi makan. anyway, thanks nani onni. next time wat lagi :p

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