Friday, January 23, 2009

please be over soon mr. exam

so today was the 2nd last paper - histolgy, the day before yesterday was physio. on 26th will be my last paper which is anat - the killer subject. someone tell me how to study the subject please. hahaha. cause i'm like a mak nenek pelupa. like my dad said. during the exam, i was scribbling the answer with the pencil when suddenly the person who attended on us told us to use pen instead of pencil. as you guys know, usually the malaysians love to scribble then only we write it with pen right? so this attender (not the lecturer like in malaysia but just the mak cik gamaah that take care of the lab and prepare the drinks for the lecturers) made the fuss about using the pencil thingy. so this one girl was like so mad that she actually kinda yelled at her. later they called the lecturer because they can't speak english and the lecturer explained to that girl. so that girl told him that she was just scribbling and was about to write it with pen. finally, the lecturer got the picture and later tried to calm her. the same thing happened to me. that mak cik keep on coming to my place every minute telling me how many minutes left. as if i'm not using any watch la? as if there's no announcement on how many minutes left la? just mind your own business dude. i can accept it if she tells it to everyone but why is it only me?

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