Sunday, January 4, 2009

i love my net

yay! finally, the net is back to normal. so to all the underseas creatures, do not bite the cable again yah! later cubit2 karang. kekeke. i remember the same thing happened last year. just imagine 1mb of speed, you have to share it with around 60 people. so during the winter hols, unlike everyone who went out to enjoy their hols, i just stay at home to free my mind. thought the net might be good but too bad there was something wrong with the cable. in less than 1 year, it happened again. so i think the government@seangkatan dengannya have to buy a strong cable. hahaha. to baba, if the download is more than the limit, don't beg us to pay it for you yah! we already said what we want the unlimited one but you still insist on the limited download. degil punya baba!!

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