Wednesday, January 28, 2009


yeay! finally exam is over. don't feel like updatting the blog but the net is super fast today so why not? too bad for other housemates. still having their exams. kwenchana. later we go and celebrate k! hihihi. so i'm curently watching korean series - stained glass. it's an old story actually. about 5 years ago if i'm not mistaken. just finished downloading it and currently downloading the world they live in. i want to watch i am sam because there's top oppa in it. hahaha. mianhe nani unnie. let's play it fair and square. you want jae joong oppa, then i want top oppa too. i am so gonna need a hair cut. i feel so geli, lemas and serabut. my hair is so long that i can barely see the shape of it. have to make buns out of it all the time. so nani unnie, palli and grab the hairstyle that you want. i need a hair makeover this instance.


fanramli said...



banner letak gambar wonder girls, you.

hehe. seronotttnye da abes exam.

sabrina halim said...

hihihi. ska wg gak ke? best3. tngh njoy hols ni

fatin suhaimi said...

ape ni!!!
minat TOP gak ker??
no way!!!

NaNi said...

ah sudah la korg..
mmg takleh tgk kebahagiaan aku dgn top.
oke la cik sab..kite exchange JJ oppa ngan top.

fannie said...

weh..besh ak i am sam??? nak usha gak tp bengkek ahh msia xbleh gune veohtv dah..susa mo donlod cite korea since balek msia ni.. ko donld kt ne??? btw,ape barang layan top weh..seungri n gdragon la hott...

sabrina halim said...

g-d is my boy. hihi. borng i am sam. xyah tngk