Thursday, January 8, 2009

imtihan oh imtihan

what's imtihan? it's exam in arabic. gosh! can't believe it's already mid sem exam. i haven't studied a thing yet. i think this year is a record for all of us. just imagine finishing 3/4 of all the subject in 3 months? how crazy is that! some more the subject here is more than you guys can ever imagine. your head needs to be like a computer to store all the information that you have to remember for life. not only a year but your whole life. god! help me please. i'm so gonna need help to answer my paper later. give me some kind of a photograhic memory like rico from hannah montana and rory from gilmore girls. huhuhu. pretty please. im begging you. 12 days left before the day. help!!!

1 comment:

nadyra aiza said...

relax sab!!

u kn pndi..:)

gud luck k 4 u exam!!