Friday, February 19, 2010

bersuka ria dan bergembira

i'm officially an etisalat broadband user. paah: if lembab gak, u letopkan etisalat jadi salad. nice tip paah!!!

happy birthday to Nur Liyana Binti Abdul Halim who's turning 18 today Malaysian time. the fatso is slim now and i'm so jealous. T_T. when am i gonna be slim? god knows that. huhu

the day before yesterday i went to city star cairo cause suddenly i feel like eating MCD thanks to paah who keeps reminding me bout it. the 3 of us - paah, sab and tya went to cairo together leaving the house at 7am and reached our destination at 10.30 am. we went to the cinema to buy the ticket and straight away watched it cause it already started half an hour earlier. we watched The Lightning Thief. saw the billboard in france and thought that it was a french movie but it was an american movie actually. each 1 of us had a popcorn for ourselves cause we were to hungry. planned to watch the movie after we eat but mahu ticket murah punya pasal . after the movie, we went to MCD and later we walked walked walked but couldn't find anything worth to spend your penny on. before we got back home, we had our dinner at panda house and after that we finally reached mansourah at 12am. i went to paah's house cause it would be easier rather than staying at my place. haha. this afternoon had lunch at KFC and finally bought a broadband for myself. saya puas!!! no longer online-ing at the hall.

these few days, suddenly a bunch of my primary school friends add me on facebook. same question pop-up "nape makin gemok @ tak kurus lagi ke?" tsk tsk. kejamnya dunia ini. haha. it's ok. no hard feelings actually. i'll try to slim down my figure right before i go back to malaysia insyaAllah la kan. haha

ronggeng at city star


Aiza Aidid said...

seriously sape yg tny dat kinda question kat u?? duh!! i plak yg mrh..huhu

Sabrina Halim said...

kwan sek agma i dlu la. keji kan mreka? haha. cece,,, u yg lg mrah ni wat i trhru je. thanks put!

Aiza Aidid said...

haha.. tp tol pe.. npe nk tny cm2.. so wat?? cntk sgt plak ke dorg.. btw, ur wlcme..hehe

Sabrina Halim said...

boys put. besela tu. haha. bl da tua ni da imune da dgn bnd2 ni sume. haha. xpela kan. nnt gf n isteri diorg mcm pau pdan muka. haha. gler kejam