Friday, February 5, 2010

PARIS come to mummy

the exam just finished and frankly, i don't really feel the hype like the rest of the kid. because of the papers i guess. well, let bygone be bygone. i'm going to paris the day after tomorrow and people keep on asking "da pack ke barang?" haha. if i'm going somewhere, i'll just pack my stuff few hours before that. i'll be leaving for cairo on 7th february, 4am in the morning and the flight will be at 10 am in the morning. do pray for my journey yah peeps!

yesterday, dino passed to me the stuff that my mom gave. the cupboard is so cute. it's pink in colour and has flowers on it. i like it! and the bag too. and i even get my comforter. yesterday was such a happy day for me. despite that the exam is over, we took our class photo and i had so much fun. last year i didn't take the class photo for some reasons and this year, there is a photo of me. happy3x. after the photo session, i went to the bank to change money to euro but they won't accept genih to euro. giler ke apa bank egypt ni? so i called dino and he accompanied me to te sarafah and i chaged my money there. after that, we went to al-khan and had our lunch there and we had ice cream before we walked back home

since dino got back, we've been going out almost everyday. not me but dino la. i'm not an out-person here but in malaysia yes. there's nothing in here. pathetic!!! and i've been taking high cholestrol food almost everyday and i'm getting fatter thanks to dino. snguh kejam budak itu. haha

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