Friday, February 12, 2010

au revoir paris

just got back from paris at 1am in the morning. safely landed on cairo at 9pm but thanks to mr. mahmud yg blur - typical arab. ckp mcm keling kan, the cab finally arrived at 11pm. went straight to bed and woke up at 11 am this morning. wanted to unpack my stuff but dang! i can't open it. guess it locked by itself when we were playing with my bag in the train to the airport. damn la. what to do? should i smash it? whatever la! i'll think bout it later. basically the vacation went well. it was awesome. i'm going there again in the future insyaAllah. huhu. the most fun that i had was when at disneyland. finally after 22 years, i got the chance to go to disneyland. it's like every girl's dream to go there. sad to leave that place. felt like crying. definitely a must go place. hehe. besides disneyland, i went to see the eiffel tower. seriously it's a beauty. the structure and everything. i went there twice! haha. especially when it's at night, the lights coming from the tower makes it looks like diamond. definitely breathtaking. most of the places that i went in paris are old ancient buildings like notre-dame and few more. honestly, paris is not that modern. the buildings are old but it's clean. the cleanliness makes it looks pretty actually. malaysians and egyptians are definitely far away from having that civic-minded kind of people. hopefully us malaysians will be like french people someday somehow. at first, i was afraid to go there because of the anti-islam thingy especially just when i got there, there was this kinda like flashmob thingy by iran people if i'm not mistaken but boy was i wrong when i got there. french people are definitely sweet and gentleman. they always help you though they can't speak english. hopefully i can go to another places in the future insyaAllah. anyone wanna join me? hehe

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