Tuesday, February 16, 2010

yes @ no???

i said yes. ottoke? i can't take it back can i? haiz. whatever la. let's just wait and see how it goes. btw, i finally managed to open my bag. haha. already unpacked my stuff. few more days till the school is about to open. i need to gather my strength soon. i feel so unproductive these holidays. wake up, coffee, eat, net, movies, sleep. same thing happens everyday.

nenek, atok, uncle mike, cece and lee are all at penang right now visiting my aunty. judging from their pictures, they are definitely having lots of fun. it's not the same when i was there. T_T

Alhamdullillah kak intan is now officially someone's fiancee'. happy happy happy. as if i'm the one who's engaged la kan. haha. mama really did a great job with the hantaran and the room decoration. she's been doing the job for all my aunties and cousins but when it comes to me - "sabrina g butik jela k sruh org buatkan. mama nnt da tua n xlrat nk buatkan". mama kejam!!! haha.

my hair is getting longer now. i didn't realize till this morning when i looked at the picture when i just cut my hair back then. definitely a big gap. feel like cuting my hair short but when i chat with lee just now - "xsesuai. muka bulat. rmbut skrg ok da". tension!!! when la i'm gonna be kurus??? i had done lots of style to my hair. short, long, curl. afro je blom. haha. gler ap! what's next? i dyed my hair but the color didn't stick to my hair. why oh why?

i like my hair during the recent raya. cedit to khal my bro :P

p/s: saya sangat lapar. mau ke kedai ammu khalid mencari chipsy yang menggemokkan itu. manala tak kurus. ish3

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