Friday, February 26, 2010

salam maulidur rasul

thursday was a hectic day as usual. class 8-5. during biochem, ummu entered the class and she sat beside me

ummu: sab, jom g malam nanti ceramah maulud nabi

at first, i wanted to say no but later she added

ummu: ummu xde geng. housemate sume xnak g

so i was thinking then ok la

sab: ala siannye. ok2 i teman

see? i'm such a good person right? hehe. kidding! after class, i got back home, on9 for a while, didn't change my clothes all cause i'm meeting ummu at 6. besides, it's my red flag day. hihi. so later we walked together to gamaah without musyrif and suddenly dang! muaz was riding a bicycle behind us. ketua musyrif ok! haha. luckily we were already in the gamaah so he didn't say a thing. we got there and the talk was a good one. all the seniors who are married came with their partners and they have glow on their faces. haha. happy la kan dah ada spouse. the thing finished at 10. when i was about to pass the exit door, i saw kak tirah

kak tirah: parents dtg x hr tu?

me: xla kak trah, cousin tunang tb2. so mama kena wat hntran n blik sume

kak tirah: tunang? sab tunang? yeke

me: hish kak trah ni. dpt plak sy tunang. haha. calon pun tarak

again, we walked back home without musyrif. we ran as fast as we could so that ketua musyrif couldn't see us. on the way back home, i bought to'miyah cause suddenly felt like eating it. got back home, on9 for a while and off to bed. didn't study at all yesterday. T_T. you malaysian people are so lucky cause you have maulud nabi's hols but we didn't. class as usual

with ummu. credit to syida pishal

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fatin suhaimi said...

jgn cedey,,,cpt balik ekk,,,,i also miss our times kat egypt,,,,miss the day where there r u,nani n me,,,,huk3x