Tuesday, February 23, 2010

take my heart back

when you're alone, hungry and got nothing else to do, emptiness strikes you. T_T. i miss my family. yesterday when i chat with my friend, with full of pride i said "tak rasa nak balik malaysia la this year". sangat berlagak ok! i'm officially taking those quote back. haha.

to my friend FR, hopefully you'll get the job in UK so that later i can come and visit you. mata dah bersinar-sinar mahu ke UK. hahaha. please say it's a yes. enough with the crap. study tah ke mana ada hati mahu vacation. stop it sabrina!

i need to buy the groceries soon. i've got nothing. not even the onions to salte'. feels like going to metro. therefore, let's roger2 dino. is he available? cause he'll be going to cairo today and i don't know what time he's going. dino please la online. ngee

btw peeps. let me remind you that most of the title doesn't really relate with the post yah. harap maklum. =p

nasi lemak sabrina :)


CICIPUNG said...

sedapnya nasi lemak cik chab.

Sabrina Halim said...

sedap2. bl la nk msakkn korg eh. tngula nnt bl2 free k! hehe

CICIPUNG said...

kitorng pn free je anytime nak merase nasi lemak tue.
hi hi hi

Sabrina Halim said...

ecece. baiklah. nnt i msakkn utk korg ye. klu korg jln2 ke galaa' tu ckpla. nnt i msakkn siap2 utk korg. korg dtg take away pn xpe. haha