Saturday, February 6, 2010

i'm leaving on a jet plane

i slept really early last night. fed-up with the net which btw, i can't sign in to my ym the whole day. double fuckin' shitty i must say. i went to the etisalat for the broadband but my visa can't be accepted cause there's no valid date for how long i'll be staying here. damn3!!! roah just went back to saudi and duah will follow her soon. zura is going back to malaysia for god knows how many days. i'll have the house myself till the end of the month. i'm going to paris from 7th till 11th. then dino will be heading to holland from 11th till 22nd. so gonna be alone this holiday. my dad's family is going to mecca from 22nd onwards. if only they can come here and meet me up. kak nora promised to call me as soon as she got there. they will have kenduri doa selamat for the 13 people that will be going the night after kak intan getting engage. uh-oh and btw, congrats to kak intan, the 2nd of my cousins who will be getting married soon after abang nizam. to all the readers, do pray for my journey yah!

p/s: i miss u

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