Wednesday, February 24, 2010

try to copy me

suddenly this afternoon mama text-ed me

mama: salam sabrina. long time didn't hear from you. how u been doing? hows result? heard u been chatting with ur cousins

me: hi ma. as usual. class 8-5. everyday except friday. super bz. result carry to finals. yep. saw ur photo. u look a bit chubby

mama: mn tngk? i am chubby. haha. btw, i just bought 2 pieces kain 4 raya. u wnt normal @ pahang?

me: i wnt pahang. can u buy the krung cotton ala-ala kg 4 me? saw ur pic from kak intan's fbook. but u still look pretty though

mama: that 1 bju krung bru. tdung ppl from indon bg time visit depa

already going to tempah for raya? cepatnye ma!!! but just when i'm about to reply my mum, i ran out of credit. damn! tomorrow have to reload. story continues tomorrow. hehehe

last word from me, single is better. literally people!

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