Saturday, February 27, 2010

me invisible

i'm about to lose another friend cause he@she might be getting married. sad3x. why everyone around me is getting married? you guys making other people jealous la. haha. sure lagi sayu if Put is getting married. i'm so gonna be lost Put! literally. x tipu ni. to shah, don't propose my besties so soon k! huhu. what to do. 22 already. so tua. haha. my mum is married at this age. it's not like i wanna get married at this age. honestly i don't but one by one people around me is getting married making me feel more and more lonely each day. T_T

today i woke up with a happy face cause it's raining and it's friday. friday means holiday for me. no classes no nothing. just lepaking around doing nothing. as if you're doing anything la other days kan sab? haha. i love when it rains but only during holiday cause you'll have a very nice, good and comfy sleep. i've been using my boots these days cause it's muddy outside there. keep washing my jeans n kurung over and over again. haiz

ym-ed with my not so close friend tonight and it was such a good one cause we're kinda like the same. how we hate our teen lives and everything. really glad we had that talk buddy! didn't know we have way much in common. who would have thought that huh? hopefully, we can be good buddies in the future k! really had a great time tonight


Aiza Aidid said...

sab2.. i'm not getting married so soon ok.. 25 or 26.. better? ;)
don't worry ok..if i kwen pon i'm still ur besfren ;)

Sabrina Halim said...

hihi. ok put! no matter what happens v r still friends k!

fatin suhaimi said...

me too,,not going to get married so soon,,no calon lg ahh,,,jgn cedey2,,,if nani aku xtau,,,huhuhu ;p