Monday, February 22, 2010

no one cries because they want to

i already off my laptop and everything cause i wanna take my shower and start my revision but here comes problem again. my landlord yang ku puja dan ku sayang... NOT, NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE THAT IT'S GONNA HAPPEN turned it off and it's already been 1 whole day. damn la that woman. the water in the pale just finished cause i used it for my nature's call and my ablution. and yes i haven't had my shower yet. so suey la. whats the point of paying 15le every month for the motor if you keep turning it off then keep blaming that i didn't turn it off which by the way so not true ok! get a life la you moron! hish! and my phone keep ringing like 10 times per day? i can't block the number cause it's just a less than rm100 handphone with polyphonic ringtones. no camera no nothing except that it has color screen. this egyptian people seriously got no other things to do is it? nak menggedik call2 orang. don't be so batak la ok with the handphone. i felt like just throwing the handphone down from my 3rd floor apartment.

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