Sunday, February 21, 2010

say aah,,,

1st day of class yesterday, still blur. even the caffeine doesn't make me stay awake. still in holiday mood i guess. even the lecturer said - all of you are still in winter mood but don't worry. your spirit will increase gradually. nama pun doctor kan, so the term pun dah jadi medical term. haha.i need to start my revision soon but too many distraction. the class yesterday wasn't even full. some of them still vacationing at luxor, aswan, hughada and guess who organizes the trip? gamaah. naughty ye gamaah ni suruh student ponteng kelas. haha. got my biochem and histo lab later in 1 hour. not in the mood to go but what else can i do. like it or not i still have to go. till then. ciao peeps!

picture doesn't have anything to do with the post. just love the pic. haha

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